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Aftermarket parts are replacement parts for car repairs that are made by a company other than the car's original manufacturer. These include tires, engine, interior and exterior accessories, body of the vehicle and other mechanical parts needed to help your vehicle run well. Can you identify these car parts?

Test your knowledge of what makes a car run. The outside panels provide the shape of the car body whereas the inner panels reinforce the shell of the body.

PRNDL - Park Reverse Neutral .

This page is a quick lookup and reference guide for all those acronyms and abbreviations that you'll find around the car industry. However, this post will focus only on the basic and very essential car parts names and their functions. Right click on a white space and choose print. See more. The information is generally in a question/answer format, with links to resources for more information. Parts of a Car An automobile has several numbers of parts. The warranty company has agreed to pay out for the cam belt as covered (R2500.00).

ries 1. a. Step Bars and Running Boards. 1 something that is not necessary in itself but adds to the convenience or performance of the main piece of equipment bought a new car with lots of high-tech accessories Synonyms for accessories accoutrements (or accouterments), adapters (also adaptors), add-ons, adjuncts, appendages, appliances, attachments, options Near Antonyms for accessories

The modern automobile is a complex technical system employing subsystems with specific design functions. Exterior Trim.

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If one of the wheel cylinders does not work correctly, it will affect the drum brakes' overall performance.

An original equipment manufacturer is a company that makes cars and has made replacement parts for its cars.

Most common Engine Some of these consist of thousands of component parts that have evolved from . $24.57.


1. The Engine. Brake light, Third or Center Brake light. DriverSide's Car Dictionary has the most comprehensive definitions of automotive terms. In this range, you'll find universal consumable parts needed to carry out various repair jobs on your car's engine, bodywork, and wheels, such as fixings and rivets, bushings and bearings, and nuts, bolts, screws . Car Care Accessories: These are the accessories that you need to help you keep your vehicle running in top notch condition and to keep it looking good. A cylinder head keeps oil from overflowing and from running up into the combustion chamber. Engine. Our product line offering includes a complete line of interior and exterior accessories as well car maintenance products and tools. Governers. People are sometimes confused because the . Something nonessential but desirable that contributes to an effect or result.

The wheel cylinder consists of several parts: the wheel cylinder housing, bleeder nut, piston boot, spring, and piston. a subordinate or supplementary part, object, or the like, used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, safety, etc., as a spotlight on an automobile or a lens cover on a camera. It's the kind of thinking that combines great looks with extensive development testing. accessory, add-on, appurtenance, supplement - a supplementary component that improves capability.

Search over 30,000 Corvette parts and accessories to restore any Corvette in any generation. Produce Thich .

This auto glossary can help you decipher what your mechanic is fixing and what the purpose or function of the particular auto part or accessory is for. 1 Radiator The radiator is a heat exchanger used to remove heat from the coolant in the cooling system to prevent your vehicle's engine from overheating.

Accessories for the top-of-the-range car include leather upholstery, electric windows, and a sunroof. One who, without being present at the commission of an offense, becomes guilty of such offense, not as a chief actor, but as a participant, as by command, advice, instigation, or concealment; either before or after . One: Auto accessories provide your vehicle with a smart look, in other words they make them look better then it would without them. Cars are also called automobiles or motor vehicles. Price: highest first.

We have taken the mystery out of automotive service jargon, so that you don't have to.

Engine. b. Balance shaft belt A cogged belt that drives a shaft.

It converts reciprocating motion of the piston to rotary motion with the help of connecting rod. Discover how a cylinder head keeps coolant from getting into comb.

There is the brake pedal, caliper, light switch, pad and rotor. Tonneau Covers & Accessories.

However, the engine was damaged when the cam belt broke. The Mustang GT featured an aluminum block 4.6L modular V8, a Tremec T-5 5-speed manual transmission (automatic is also optional for the first time), and restyled exterior accessories that resemble the original design of the early sixties.

an article or set of articles of dress, as gloves, earrings, or a scarf, that adds completeness, convenience, attractiveness, etc., to one's basic outfit. Custom parts and equipment coverage (CPE) is an endorsement to your policy that covers permanently installed custom parts or equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements and changes other than those installed by the original manufacturer, that alter the performance or appearance of your vehicle.

View details. Aftermarket parts can be made by the same factory that sold them to your car maker, but they're cheaper than parts from the original manufacturer.

Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory.


Don't know your SOHC from your socks? Aftermarket parts wear our more quickly, and what you save in cash, you . If you are driving through an English speaking country and suddenly find yourself having car trouble, you are going to need to call for roadside assistance or take your car to the nearest garage.

. Are you ready for a quiz that is about car parts? Usually refers to replacement parts for a vehicle that were made by the same manufacturer as the car, (and purchased thru the OEM distribution system) rather than replacement parts made by a different manufacturer. They stock 1000s of older, discontinued and hard-to-find car parts for European and Japanese vehicles.

Wheels designed, engineered, tested and backed by Chevrolet Accessories. Aftermarket firms may use higher quality ingredients. Trucks and buses are motor vehicles as well.

The fifth-generation car was back to bringing power and style, equipped with improved Ford Mustang parts.

Connecting rod is the same rod which is discussed above and it transfers power from the piston to the crankshaft. Now look to the right. Show featured items. Transmission System.

Inner panel. Show featured items.

ESL Residential Faculty. Car Parts!

Click on the link above to download. Scissors and needle and thread high-definition deduction material, textile, pin png 1000x669px 719.84KB; Car Alternator Vehicle Spare part, Automotive Engine Parts, .

2. Multi-part technologies are addressed in the parent Category:Automotive technologies. Crankshaft has provisions for static and dynamic load .

Lights and Light Covers.

The first is a 6-page brochure that provides a concise overview. At Halfords, you'll find the UK's biggest range of motoring essentials and accessories for cars, vans and motorcycles.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for a car part, it is helpful to understand the meanings behind the codes and lingo. License plate lamp (also called number plate lamp or registration plate lamp) Side lighting. IN such a case .

But there are four essential Parts of an automobile. We are proud to feature our Goxt 12 Volt Charging and Phone accessories as one of the emerging brands in the mobile accessory category. the term "parts or accessories" includes (1) any article the primary use of which is to improve, repair, replace, or serve as a component part of an automobile truck or bus chasis or body, or other automobile chassis or body, or taxable tractor, (2) any article designed to be attached to or used in connection with such chassis, body, or tractor On the other hand, aftermarket parts may be so poorly made your garage will have to adapt them to fit your car. Outer panel. For all your auto detailing supplies, 3D Car Care has you covered. 3D Car Care manufactures quality car detailing products for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

This Automotive accessories category contains articles relating to non-essential automotive parts which embellish the look and feel of an automobile or add functionality.

Don't let the lower price tag fool you. At GSF Car Parts, we have all the essential automotive consumables you need to carry out repairs and replacements on your vehicle. $30.71 | 20% off Previous price: $30.71 20% off. For starters, OES stands for Original Equipment Supplier, while OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Gardner Auto Parts is a full-service salvage yard and auto parts store in Pompano Beach, Florida. The second covers the same information but presented in an electronic fashion, below. Outer panel.

An insurance company may have the option of using aftermarket parts instead of original manufacturer parts (OEM) when it comes to repairing a car after an accident. When it comes to bodywork, OEM parts tend to cost about 60 percent more, according to the Property Casualty Insurers . Just look at the image or read the question and choose the right answer from the options. It is by far the most important part of any automobile, for without it, a car cannot move. Wrenching. Many of the parts you'll come across will fit one of these categories.

Price: lowest first. It operates all electrical parts/components of a vehicle. For example, car makers are frequently keen to keep costs low so they may insist on cheaper materials.

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The controls are meant for controlling the movement of the vehicle.

Aftermarket accessories include vehicle customization products that are made by companies other than the original vehicle maker, while factory accessories are made by the original vehicle manufacturer.

What's more, most come backed by superior OEM-backed warranty coverage. Car Body Construction: The main skeleton of the car body has two types of panels: 1. OEM: Original equipment manufacturer. $38.99. The common components found in a vehicle interior are the steering wheel, car seat, carpet, headliner, door panels, dashboard, as well as electrical components. Aiding or contributing in a secondary way or assisting in or contributing to as a subordinate. Copy this to my account; E-mail to a friend; Find other activities; Start over; Help; Practice vocabulary for parts of a car. High-end aftermarket firms analyse why OEM parts fail and improve the design.

Accessory definition, a subordinate or supplementary part, object, or the like, used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, safety, etc., as a spotlight on an automobile or a lens cover on a camera.

Car Body Construction: The main skeleton of the car body has two types of panels: 1.

Noun. A device or system of devices (usually a park distance sensor or a back-up camera) designed to aid a drivers control of a vehicle in reverse.

accessory: [noun] an object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else. The various curved shapes are given to outer panels to provide the strength to panels. A problem with keeping a car cover is that using it when you have parked your car at the office would make you feel like a fool (try it if you disagree with us). Auto Barn started out in Brooklyn, NY as an auto parts store and has since expanded with their online presence.

Find original, OEM & aftermarket performance car parts & accessories for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin & more. For over 100 years we've been helping drivers enjoy life on the road.

This C4 1985-1996 Corvette Automatic Leather Shift Knob from Southern Car Parts is a high quality reproduction and is made to the same specifications as the original. If the following definition does not make sense visit more research must be done using the manufactures name along with the abbreviation. An extremely sophisticated, computer-controlled suspension system that uses powered actuators instead of conventional springs and shock absorbers. They carry everything in the realm of car accessories, auto parts, car care products, and oils and additives. Two: They also help protect your vehicle from wear and tear. Estrella Mountain Community College. 3.

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Car Accessories.

2. List of different parts of a car in English with examples and pictures.

Crank Shaft (Image 09) Crankshaft is one of the most important car engine parts. automobile, byname auto, also called motorcar or car, a usually four-wheeled vehicle designed primarily for passenger transportation and commonly propelled by an internal-combustion engine using a volatile fuel. DOWNLOAD CATALOG. This will determine if you know something or nothing about cars!

SEMA has compiled two guides on how motor vehicle parts are regulated by the federal and state government. . Flashcards. something added to a machine or to clothing that has a useful or decorative purpose: She wore a green wool suit with matching accessories (= shoes, hat, bag, etc.). This car repair term abbreviation table has been created by ASE certified mechanics to help you understand the acronyms of the automotive industry. These can be used in specifications, sales brochures, warning lights - anywhere. a thing of secondary or lesser importance : adjunct. You won't be pulling parts yourself, each part has already been removed, cleaned and inspected by in-house salvage mechanics.

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There are numerous components to your car's brake system. Inner panel. The only difference is who makes the parts, because both types are regulated and inspected. Car Drum Brakes: Definition, Components & How It Works . An accessory is a finished device that is intended to support, supplement, and/or augment the performance of one or more parent devices. Dealer OEM: New, undamaged, never used parts manufactured directly by the OEM or their .

Here are a few that you may already know about.

car meaning: 1. a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a small number of people: 2. a part. auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work". Whichever you choose, be assured that accessory wheels for your Chevy car, truck, SUV or crossover fit perfectly. Most of the time when something is amiss with the brakes, it is a result of something going wrong with the caliper, pad, or rotor. Bug Deflectors and Ventvisors. 1. This offer does not include accessories, equipment, or aerosols and is only valid for orders placed online at 3DProducts.com. Many of the parts you'll come across will fit one of these categories. . Fancy yourself a bit of a car nut?

Alongside our tried and tested Halfords products, you'll find the leading brands in car cleaning & car parts at great prices. Sleeve valve. C4 1985-1996 Corvette Automatic Leather Shift Knob. Read Also: List of 19 Car Interior Parts [Explained with Functions] PDF.

Definition: A passenger car is a road motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver).

To print the lesson on learning the vocabulary for car parts inside and outside a car using pictures. Cylinder block.

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Front Engine Splash Shield For 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Lower.

Accessory. Headlight (also called headlamp) Headlight motor. A car is a vehicle that has wheels, carries a small number of passengers, and is moved by an engine or a motor.

Law One who knowingly assists a lawbreaker in the commission of a crime but does not actually participate in that crime. An engine is made up of blocks, head, pistons and valves. Print the English lesson on learning the vocabulary for car parts.

A subordinate or supplementary item; an adjunct. Discover an array of best-selling products and uncover the true definition of complete car care and infinite shine! Only 3.79 with Motoring Club premium. and one of the main in engine parts. Cleaning cloth.

Truck & SUV Accessories.

Most common. Take your detail to the next level with these items! See a list of terms used in these activities. Free shipping Almost gone.

Brakes. Though the endorsement is separate from your . ( 16 . Hitches and Related Parts.

However, trucks and buses are larger than cars, and they carry heavier loads. The term "passenger car" therefore covers microcars (need no permit to be driven), taxis and hired passenger cars, provided that they have fewer than ten . Car Interior Parts: 15 Basic Parts Inside Of a Car by Jignesh Sabhadiya Car interior parts (as well as Chevy, Mopar, and Ford truck interior accessories) include many items. Parts Per Million.

Diane Stonebrink. This side is considered the "Right" side of the car. By Car Bibles Staff | Published Jan 22, 2018 2:18 PM. These are: ADVERTISEMENT The Chassis.

Fig shows a simple sketch of the cylinder block.

Car Jeep Tire Motor Vehicle Service, car parts, vehicle tire surrounded by vehicle parts and tools artwork, car Accident, vintage Car png 950x931px 597.74KB; . So the next time you order window seals, interior parts, or suspension or steering parts you can order with the assurance that you're purchasing the right part for the right side of the car (even if it's on the left). Fit and installation is easy and adds a great addition to your Corvette's interior.

The various curved shapes are given to outer panels to provide the strength to panels.

(11) 3.99. Packed with feature car stories, detailed "how-to" articles, tips, tricks, and regular columns such as Members Pride, announcements, and sales on new and used parts, the magazine.

For example, when you get car seat covers you are protecting the seats from the sun and body wear.

The parts procurement system decided to break the category into Surplus OEM and Recovered OEM, which drew a distinction between new parts still in the original packaging and parts pulled off of a .

We have taken the mystery out of automotive service jargon, so that you don't have to. Again, the vehicle electrical systems help to keep devices in good working condition as they can achieve some features. You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at the top of the page or copy and . Splash/Mud Guards. Car Parts - Word & Definition. Basi cally, the engine is the heart of the car. Eckler's price match guarantees the best quality at the best price.

Car Term Abbreviation List A A - Amperes ABS - Anti-Lock Brakes SPONSORED LINKS ABRS - Air Bag Restraint System AC - Alternating Current A/C - Air Conditioning ACCS - A/C Cycling Switch ACCUM - Accumulator SPONSORED LINKS ACCY - Accessory ACT - Air Charge Temperature Sensor ADJ - Adjust or Adjustable ADV - Advance AFS - Airflow Sensor

Because OEM parts are designed to fit in your vehicle, they'll stand up to wear and tear on the roads near Niagara Falls much better than aftermarket parts.

The repair is costing R9900.00; this leaves me a short fall of + - R7500.00. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a car part, it is helpful to understand the meanings behind the codes and lingo.