I've never used the Ego Comp, but I used to own the Diamond. I recommend checking out each store to find the best price. Others like the old 2 or 4 knob Keeley Compressors add more and more noise (when youre not playing) as you increase the Sustain. This style of compression is particularly well suited to guitar, having an organic quality that lends itself well to the instrument. Add to basket.

Keeley Compressor Plus.

Use a Keeley GC-2. Made in USA. Runner up was the Keeley Bassist. Occasional Beta Tester for Confusion Studios, Singular Sound, and Source Audio. The Wampler Ego Compressor is the best Ross/Dyna Comp style compression pedal on the market today in terms of sheer versatility and how well it preserves your guitars inherent tone. Compressor pedals do exactly what it sounds like, compress your signal. I It sounds like you want the Empress Compressor. 4.Wampler Ego Compressor. Don't know anything about the Warden. Its a shame as I really like his YouTube channel and his approach to pedals. It is very unobtrusive on your sound and at its highest settings it won't squash anywhere near as much as a Keeley or others. pedale in perfette condizioni no scatola.

Robert Keeley has become best known for his Compressor pedals, and this is still most likely his best-selling pedal - while the competition for boutique compressors has heated up a lot since Keeleys heyday really. Keeley Compressor. Sure, it's a new year, but we're in better shape right now than we were all of last year, except where we aren't. The Mini replaces variable Tone and Attack controls with toggle switches, with I think is perfectly sufficient. My buddy has the Keeley Comp Plus and loves it. The Keeley Compressor Plus will help you on your quest for achieving the very best tone. This pedal will smooth out your sound, polish your tone, make your sustain sing and breathe new life into each note you play. The sustain from the Keeley Compressor Plus blossoms and blooms like tube amp compression. If that makes sense - tone/feel difference are similar, to me, to comparing digital delay (Wamper) to analog delay (Keeley). New & Used (19) from $180.99 & FREE Shipping. Sounds just like the records. Versatile, transparent, blend knob, a little bigger than some but not huge.

keeley is more studio'esq but I get way better country tones out of the ego, and most importantly is way easier to dial in live.

Compressor Effect vs. Nice compressor, noise seems to be low, plenty of volume on tap. Keeley vs Wampler Compressors!


Wamper =more hi-fi. I have a Keeley C4 4-knob (NOT the newer "Plus" version) and a Wampler Ego..one week the C4 sounds better and the next it's the Ego. I'm very new to compression and I've been watching tons of videos and played on a few but right now I'm stuck between the Keeley Compressor Plus and the Wampler Ego. Walrus Deep Six. If youre in a hurry and want to cut to the chase, heres a list of the must have guitar pedals we recommend in this article youre in a hurry and want to cut to the chase, we recommend purchasing an absolute must-have kit of guitar effects pedals that includes the Boss TU-3, Wampler Ego Compressor, Boss RV-6, Boss DS-1 Distortion, and the Line 6 DL4 MkII Delay

Sustain for days regardless of guitar pick ups used. Thats why Im thinking of Keeley Compressor Plus or the DrybellUnit67 which has EQ and Booster. I have the Ego and a Keeley Compressor.

I use the TC HyperGravity multi-band compressor for my guitar rig and my TC RH750 bass head has the SpectraComp bass version of that same compressor onboard. A compact version of a modern classic. The Wampler offers a lot fo easy adjustments to dial in the effects you are looking for. So, with a comprehensive array of controls and a core tone that is pure, you wont find a compressor that works as perfectly as an always on or as an effect and is more highly regarded than the Ego Compressor from Wampler Pedals. I have a gig on Saturday, so that will be the real test. Keeley Compressor Plus Pedal, Black (KCompPlus) The first true advancement in our 2 and 4 knob compressor line. I like to be more flexible, as I play Floyd, Ambient sounds, and largely blues. Keeleys compressor pedals have gathered worldwide acclaim, and the Keeley Compressor Plus pedal continues the trend by incorporating player-requested features.

Xotic SP (Best Under $150) Type: Digital Bottom Line: The Wampler Ego compressor pedal is a true bypass offering that provides ample sustain and dynamic control. Keeley = more analog.

( 8 customer reviews) $ 199.97. Cali76 Compact Deluxe. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. They do this by reducing loud sounds and amplifying quieter sounds, which makes a much more consistent sound from note to note, and also allows notes to sustain for much longer. Keeley Compressor Pro - 249 . While those early guitar pedal compressors had only 2 knobs for adjusting Sustain & Level, the Ego Compressor lets you dial in the Attack and also Blend in your original dry signal. The Tone knob is a real treat as it can roll off or accentuate your high-end while preserving your lows.

#15. difference between keeley and a ego 5 knob wampler is $120 bucks. Contatta il venditore.

Neither one sound very good with amplified acoustics to me. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Keeley Compressor Plus 4-Knob Compressor Pedal. Read the review: http://bit.ly/KeeleyCompPlusThe serial number on the back of our review model Compressor Plus is 47061. Basically, the Mini Ego gives you complete control of every aspect of your compression. So, with a comprehensive array of controls and a core tone that is pure, you wont find a compressor that works perfectly as an always on or as an effect that is more highly regarded than the Mini Ego from Wampler Pedals. I use boss katana 100 amp, fender MIM.

Wampler Ego Compressor Keeley Compressor + Keeley Compressor Plus is the most popular boutique compressor in the world. Get it as soon as Monday, Jun 6. Keeley K-Comp Compressor Plus (Best Value) Type: Digital Effects: Compression: $130: Read Full Review Below: 3.

Less known than some of the other brands, its on the boards of the likes of Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. u0007 FEATURES True bypass, powered by 9V PSU (not supplied) or battery.

Xotic SP. Brand: Wampler Pedals, Model: Ego Compressor, Comp Type: OTA Okay, weve gotta talk about the Wampler Ego Compressor.We simply cant keep the Ego suppressed. Under the hood, the circuit is nearly identicalwith control knobs for sustain, level, and blend along with a pair of mini toggle switches for attack and tone. 160,00 usato privato. Keeley know what it takes to make an instrument sound like its been professionally recorded. u0007 DIMENSIONS 110 x 68 x 51mm. Had the Ego years ago and found it to be too dark. Keeley Compressor Plus. This is especially popular for guitarists (and bassists!) (Image credit: Future) Even the best compressor pedals are overshadowed by their more exciting cousins, overdrive and delay. It is without a doubt the absolute last word in compressors. Keeley Compressor Plus Effects Pedal. Editor's Rating: /5. Looking to add sustain, depth of tone and a touch of compression. u0007 PRICE 129. While there have been more attempts in recent years to create more studio inspired compression pedals, its the OTA design of the old Ross Compressor & MXR Not much at all. Sold by DonnerDirect and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.

It runs on standard 9V power, and theres a battery compartment. I'm also a huge fan of Wampler pedals but be aware that the Ego is not specifically designed for bass frequencies and isn't a multi-band compressor whereas the SpectraComp is. 8. customer ratings. Xotic Effects SP Compressor. Well, if you are a musical enthusiast, then, you must have heard about the compressors which are used for compressing and sustaining the various tones and notes of guitars during a musical event. Apples/Oranges comparison between the Keeley/Wampler. With a comprehensive array of controls and a pure core tone, the Ego works perfectly as an "always on" compressor or as "an effect". You can do great funk riffs with them. u0007 CONTROLS Sustain, level, blend, tone; two-way toggle switch for fast/slow release. Wampler Mini Ego Compressor is a very compact compressor with sustain and blend functions. As neutral and quiet as can be, with threshold and ratio controls. The Keeley compressor plus model of compressors is the (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! Would you help suggest. You can get the two to sound very similar, but to my ears the Wampler is a bit more clear and open sounding.

I was previously using an MXR Dynacomp. Sheesh. Cons. A lot of guitar compressors are based on variations of the classic Ross Compressor/MXR Dyna Comp circuitry, and the Ego is no exception - but it adds some extra features that greatly increase its versatility, most notably blend and tone knobs. The Ego Compressor by Wampler Pedals, like the Ross & Dyna Comp, is an OTA compression pedal. I just got the Keeley Compressor Plus. Very very easy to dial in. Keeley Electronics Compressor Plus. Alongside Diamond, Keeley is the other brand which most readily springs to mind when considering Compression, and they have several offerings in this category - including the much lauded 4-knob version and newer Compressor Plus - both within the regular-sized enclosure. It is a really unique compressor in a world dominated by mostly Ross types. Sale. So, with a comprehensive array of controls and a core tone that is pure, you wont find a compressor that works as perfectly as an always on or as an effect and is more highly regarded than the Ego Compressor from Wampler Pedals. Its design is a cross between a 'Keeley' type compressor and a vintage 'Dynacomp' compressor. It's optical so it's more subtle and along the lines of studio compressors. Maybe its because Brian Wampler use bright Teles when designing his pedals, but I think his pedals are a bit darker than Id like with my guitars that predominantly have humbuckers. Which do you guys prefer and why? Wampler Ego (full size) and this Keeley. Youtube Demo Buy at Amazon. On the other board I have an empress Compressor, which is more transparent and clinical than the Cali76, but still a nice comp and works great with humbuckers. "It's great for adding a more 'singing' quality to clean (or dirty) leads".

I like to think of the old Keeley Compressor Effect Pedals as just that; a compressor effect. So, with a comprehensive array of controls and a core tone that is pure, you wont find a compressor that works perfectly as an always on or as an effect that is more highly regarded than the Mini Ego from Wampler Pedals. 2 KEY FEATURES.